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Jump manual - uined holiday Eto'o O. All about the Game "Mordovia

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Jump manual - uined holiday Eto'o O. All about the Game "Mordovia

In his debut match for yourself Dorinel Munteanu has created quite a sensation. "Mordovia" scored two unanswered goals against the "Anji". Guus Hiddink's team loses the important three points in the fight for the medals, and jump manual winning "Mordovia" allows her to leave the bottom of the standings.

Although by the calendar in March, in Mordovia in the spring and does not smell. On the day of the match in Saransk minus 10 degrees is fine snow. Players not to be envied, to play in such conditions a little fun. Fans who dared to come to the stadium "Start" is even worse - 2:00 on the podium in this frost is like a feat. On the heated seats or elementary blankets can only dream. Throughout the match had the feeling that the football season is not renewed in the spring, but somewhere mid-January. Neither of which sold out in this weather is not out of the question, let the opponents even star "Anji". See on Eto'o and company came about 5000 spectators.

The benefit of the stadium spectators ordered drink free tea. Before the match, it is poured into plastic cups. Built for a hot drink large queue. Near free from large thermoses army distribute buckwheat. For those who do not want to stand in line in tents selling tea, coffee and cakes. The prices are reasonable - a cup of tea worth 10, 15 rubles coffee and pastries from 10 to 35 rubles.

After European Cup match on Thursday at Makhachkala injury could not enter the field of Willian. All the other stars of "Anji" from the first minute on the field. It is interesting that on 10 March the team was just three Hiddink birthday, birthday celebrated once three: Eto'o, diarrhea and Serderov. The first two appeared on the field.

Doronel Munteanu surprised his opponent before the match - exposing the basis of the three forwards. Kick all plunged into shock. At the 3 minute saranchane spend smashing attack and open an account. Distinguished newcomer "Mordovia" central defender Milan Perendia. From a close distance it hammering the jump manual Mukhametshin makes ball into the net. That's debut! Anji some time can not come down.

Interesting to see the new coach of the club Saransk. Dorinel Munteanu at the edge behaves very emotional. Jumping, waving his arms, whistling, shouting something in German. Irrepressible energy and confidence Romanian passed to the command. In the first half, "Mordovia" in no way inferior to eminent contenders. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that watching Munteanu exciting than what is happening on the field.

Fans "Mordovia", despite the cold, driven team at the gate guests' Forward Saransk! ". In the second half Saransk ultras during undress to the waist and hold a fire-show. After 10 minutes, who replaced Rustem Mukhametshin makes the score 2-0 and finally crosses hope visitors to win. "Anji" completely demoralized.


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